Getting Started with ASP.NET

i) Creating a new ASP.NET Web Site:
 Open Visual Studio 2012.
 Click on “File” – “New” – “Web Site”.
 Select the template as “ASP.NET Web Site”.
 Select the location as “HTTP”, if you want to develop the web site in “IIS”. If IIS is not installed on your system, select “File System” to develop the web site in “ASP.NET Development Server”.
 Select the language as “Visual C#”.
 Select the location of the web site, where it is to be saved.
 Click on OK.
 Then the new web site will be created.
Note: Whenever you create a new web site, it creates a server page called “Default.aspx”. (aspx = Active Server Page Extended).
Getting Started with ASP.NET


Getting Started with ASP.NET Web Page Views:
 Design View:
Displays the visual appearance of the page. This is similar to form designer in windows applications.
 Source View:
Displays the html design code of the web page.
 Split View:
Displays the design and source views at-a-time.