100+ World General Knowledge Questions and Answers

99. The response shown by pollen grain to the stimulus of ripen stigma is


98. The alkaloid that regulates blood pressure


97. The sheath on axon of a neuron is formed by

Schwann cells, Fatty material

96. The tissue fluid without solid particles is


95. One of the following possesses back bone

Sea horse

94. In Parthenogenesis, drones are formed from

unfertilized ovum

93. The decision taken at Montreal protocol summit was

to control the production of ozone depleting chemicals

92. Photosynthesis and respiration are biochemical reactions. Respiration belongs to

Catabolic process

91. Mixture of Sodium Chloride and Ammonium Chloride can be separated by this suitable method.


90. Asteroids are present in the gap between the orbits of these planets

Mars, Jupiter

89. During a thunderstorm, a 3 second delay between the flash of lightning and sound of thunder was noticed by you. The distance of sound of thunder from you is (velocity of sound in air is 342 m/sec)

1026 m

88. A charged particle ‘q’ is moving with a speed ‘V’ perpendicular to uniform magnetic field of induction ‘B’. Then the radius of the path of the charge is (‘m’ is mass of the charge)


87. The position of object infront of a concave mirror, to get the image distance equal to object distance

at centre of curvature of the mirror

86. A ball is thrown up from the top of a building of height 6m. It travels a height of 9m in upward direction and retraces its path and touches the ground. Then the displacement and distance travelled by the ball are

6m, 24m

85. The Academic standard to be tested through this test item is "Draw a circle and identify its centre, radius, diameter and arc".

Representation – Visualisation

84. The last two steps of Herbart lesson teaching stages are

Application & Recapitulation

83. The highest number of points that has been allotted to this criteria in assessing the Maths text book by using Hunter’s score card.

Psychological base

82. One of the following is not a curriculum organisation method

Practicability method

81. One of the following provide more abstract experience than 'Motion Pictures' as per Edger Dale’s cone of experiences

Visual Symbols

80. One of the following is not a characteristic feature of an "Activity"

above the level of the students

79. In this method of teaching Mathematics one has to proceeds from "Particular cases to Generalisation" and "Concrete to Abstract aspects".

Inductive method

78. The following specification comes under this objective. “The child is able to illustrates the like fractions”


77. "By solving Mathematical riddles, games, puzzles and magic squares the students get pleasure" – the value developed here is

Artistic value

76. Locke defined Mathematics as

Mathematics is a way to settle in the mind as habit of reasoning.

75. The mean of first ‘n’ natural numbers is

(n +1)/2

74. The number which has consecutive digits as well as prime is


73. The least number which must be added to 6412 to make it perfect square is


72. A number is increased by 20% and then decreased by 20% then the net increase or decrease percentage is

4% decrease

71. The total number of 2-digit prime numbers in which both the digits are also prime numbers can be (in number)


70. ` 800 amounts to ` 920 in 3 years at simple interest. If the interest is increased by 3% then the total amount is


69. The ratio between the profit and the cost price of an article is 2 : 5 then the ratio of the cost price and the selling price of the article is


68. Choose the word with the sound / e? /.


67. Choose the word with ‘stress’ on the second syllable.


66. She ………… ill for the last five days. Choose the correct form of the verb that fits the blank grammatically and meaningfully.

has been

65. Identify the sentence which shows a discontinued habit.

She used to go to church.

64. Didn’t you hear the cat meowing ? The above sentence is:

a negative interrogative sentence

63. Choose the compound sentence among the following.

He wishes to become rich, therefore he works hard.

62. Choose the suffix that can be used to form an adjective from a noun.

- able

61. Choose the correct sentence regarding the use of ‘up’ as an adverb.

She gets up at 5 am every day.

60. Choose the correct sentence regarding the use of the preposition ‘for’.

Quinine is a remedy for malaria.

59. Have you informed her ………….. your intended departure? Choose the correct preposition that fits the blank.


58. She bought …….. apples. Choose the correct expression that fits the blank.

half a dozen

57. He has gone to lodge ……….. F.I.R. Choose the correct article that fits the blank.


56. The aim of an argumentative essay is:

to convince the reader that the position you have taken on a subject is right.

55. If the conflict of the story is a man against himself, it is called:

a psychological conflict

54. ‘The Destiny of Colored Americans’ was the literary work of:

Frederick Douglass

53. The following is the sequel of 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland':

Through the Looking-Glass

52. The play 'The School for Scandal' was written by:

Richard Brinsley Sheridan

51. The great novel ‘Vanity Fair’ was the literary work of:

William Thackeray

50. People who consistently come up with this kind of explanations for negative events are more prone to depression


49. An example for individual performance test is

Kohli’s Block design test

48. The need that Abraham Maslow was expressing when he said “what a man can be, he must be”

The need for self actualization

47. The teacher who is angry with headmaster showed his anger on the students. The defense mechanisms involved here is


46. Experts are different from beginners because,

Expert’s knowledge is more highly organised

45. The memory of how to brush our teeth is contained in our

Procedural memory

44. The three essential functions of memory are

Encoding, storing and retrieving information

43. Which of the following statement is true

Distinction between classical conditioning and operant conditioning is not absolute

42. Which one of the following is most likely to be influenced by cultural factors?

the fight or flight response

41. A characteristic that is not consistently found among highly creative people

extremely high intelligence

40. A child with chronological age of 12 takes an intelligence test that shows a mental age of 15. According to Lewis Terman’s mathematical formula, this child’s IQ is


39. The greatest similarity in IQ could be found

between identical twins

38. The educational implication of Piaget’s theory would be


37. During this stage, the child develops cause and effect

Sensory-motor stage

36. According to Vygotsky, preschool children talking to themselves to direct their own behavior is

Private speech

35. A girl speaks as 'The dogs runned away'. The error in the girl’s expressive language is

Over generalization error

34. Find out the odd one out


33. The following represents the pre conventional stage of Kohlberg

Achieve and receive rewards

32. Apart from excitement, these emotions are formed in a 3 month old child

Distress and Delight

31. One of the following is not a characteristic of development

Development is not similar for every one

30. In India, this state is exempted from RTE Act - 2009

Jammu & Kashmir

29. According to 2011 provisional population census, the annual average increase in growth rate of population in India is

G 1.64%

28. Empowerment is 'to give some one more control over their own life or situation' – This explanation was given by

Longman Contemporary English Dictionary - 1998

27. Professor Yashpal, the Chairperson of NCF-2005, was the former Chairman of


26. According to latest rules, each main team should have this number of players in a throw ball match


25. The mission of RMSA is to establish a secondary school to make accessible for all the habitations within a radius of

2 Km.

24. Strabismus' or 'Crossed Eye' is caused due to the defect in functioning of


23. The stress that is helpful in completing the tasks is


22. All the cash transactions of a school can be known through this register / record


21. This Committee / Commission has helped in bringing revolutionary changes in Primary Education

Hunter Commission

20. Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi Launched ‘Ayushman Bharat’ in Ranchi on

23 rd September, 2018

19. Battle of Chausa' was held in the year


18. The capital city of United States of America is

Washington DC

17. The winners of the Nobel Peace Prize for 2018 are

Dr. Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad

16. The Silver Medalist in 2016 Olympics women’s singles Badminton Championship is

P.V. Sindhu

15. The Headquarters of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) is at


14. The Author of the book ‘My Truth’

Indira Gandhi

13. The International Yoga Day is observed on

21 st , June

12. Indian National Science Academy is located at

New Delhi

11. Benaras Hindu University was established in the year


10. The currency of Turkey is


9. The largest hot desert in the World is


8. The first player to hit double century in one day International Cricket Matches is

Sachin Tendulkar

7. The number of categories in ‘Padma Awards’ are


6. The implementing agency for GLOBE (Global Learning and Observation to Benefit the Environment) in India is located at


5. While presenting National Awards to the teachers, the following medal is given

Silver medal

4. In India, speed post service was introduced in the year


3. In the Central Government, the Department of Revenue comes under the Ministry of


2. The North – East Monsoon commonly known as

Winter Monsoon

1. ‘Do or Die’ Slogan was given during this movement

Quit India Movement

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