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Python Applications

Python as a whole can be used in any sphere of development.
Let us see what are the major regions where Python proves to be handy.
1) Console Based Application
Python can be used to develop console based applications. For example: IPython.
2) Audio or Video based Applications
Python proves handy in multimedia section. Some of real applications are: TimPlayer, cplay etc.
3) 3D CAD Applications
Fandango is a real application which provides full features of CAD.
4) Web Applications
Python can also be used to develop web based application. Some important developments are: PythonWikiEngines, Pocoo, PythonBlogSoftware etc.
5) Enterprise Applications
Python can be used to create applications which can be used within an Enterprise or an Organization. Some real time applications are: OpenErp, Tryton, Picalo etc.
6) Applications for Images
Using Python several application can be developed for image. Applications developed are: VPython, Gogh, imgSeek etc. There are several such applications which can be developed using Python

1. To install Python, firstly download the Python distribution from www.python.org/download.
2. Having downloaded the Python distribution now execute it.
Double click on the downloaded software. Follow the steps for installation:
Click the Finish button and Python will be installed on your system.

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