Python Interview Questions and Answers (2024)

1. Why would you use the "pass" statement?

2. Subtracting 1 from Each Element in a List

3. Benefits of Flask in Web Development

4. Understanding Callables

5. Printing Odd Numbers Between O and 100

6. Finding Unique Values in a List

7. Accessing Attributes of Functions

8. Performing Bitwise XOR

9. Swapping Variable Values Without an Intermediary Variable

10. Introspection and Reflection

11. Understanding Mixins in Object-Oriented Programming

12. Exploring the CheeseShop

13. Virtual Environments in Python

14. PEP 8 The Python Enhancement Proposal 8

15. Modifying Strings in Python

16. Built-in Types

17. Linear (Sequential) Search and Its Usage in Python

18. Benefits of Python

19. Discussing Data Types

20. Local and Global Variables

21. Checking if a List is Empty

22. Creating a Chain of Function Decorators

23. New features added in Python version

24. Memory management in Python

25. Python modules and commonly used built-in modules

26. Explain Case sensitivity in python

27. Type Conversion in python

28. Python Indentation

29. Explain Functions in Python

30. Randomizing items in a list in Python

31. Python iterators

32. Generating random numbers in python

33. Commenting multiple lines in python

34. The Python Interpreter

35. Explain "and" and " or" logical operators

36. Mastering the Use of Python range() Function

37. What's __init__ ?

38. The Role of "self" in Python Classes

39. Inserting an Object at a specific index in Python lists

40. How do you reverse a list?

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